We are optimists.

We believe every person deserves access to the outdoors through sustainable travel.

We are building a company to allow more people to connect with nature and each other so that they will want to preserve the outdoors for generations to come.

Our Company

We set out to
electrify the RV...

And realized that is just where the road begins.

Lightship is Here

Lightship is Here

We're building for RVers new and old and whether you go RVing with a gas, diesel or an electric truck, Lightship is for you.

Ben Parker & Toby Kraus Lightship Co-Founders

Explore and preserve.

Explore and preserve.

The global travel and tourism industry is responsible for about 4.5 billion tons of equivalent carbon dioxide emissions a year.

We believe that sustainability and joyful outdoor travel experiences can go hand in hand. We’ve built the all-electric L1 to enable zero-emission road trips so that you can explore nature while preserving it for generations to come.

4.5 gigatons CO2 equivalent

0 emission road trips

Lightship story

Lightship’s values

Our culture

An excellent team is built on a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our work environment is highly collaborative with a flat structure. We expect a high dose of integrity, autonomy, and creativity from all team members.

Our culture

Meet the team

A group photo showing the Lightship team


Want to bring the electric revolution outside? Join us!

L1 Trailer

A travel trailer you’ll want to tow, whether you drive an EV or not.

We took the best of electric vehicles and connected home experiences, and brought them camping. Lightship’s modern exterior and open, storage-friendly interior run through a seamless digital console. The L1’s aerodynamic design and electric drive mean minimal range loss when towing with your EV, or more money in your pocket for gas or diesel.

A photo of an electric vehicle towing the Lightship L1