The Next Phase for the Lightship L1: Production Facility in Colorado

May. 31, 2023

Toby Kraus

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The Next Phase for the Lightship L1: Production Facility in Colorado

We announced the launch of the Lightship L1 in March 2023, which was a huge step toward our vision of electrifying outdoor travel. The L1 garnered widespread press coverage validating our mission and sparking consumer interest and demand. Additionally, it set the tone for the future of RVing which had been stagnant – a result of the market being dominated by only a few large companies. 

In light of the demand for the Lightship L1, we are excited to announce that we have signed a lease agreement on a 32,000-square-foot facility in Broomfield, Colorado for our pilot manufacturing operations. Situated in the Baseline Innovation District, the newly constructed building is located at 1765 W. 160th Avenue. We expect to move in and begin operations in early 2024.

The new site expands our Colorado operations and represents a key milestone as we ramp up large-scale production to introduce electrification to a wider demographic of people.

Being an up-and-coming innovation hub, Broomfield provides access to a strong labor pool in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding areas. We project that this production facility will add dozens of jobs to the area in high-tech manufacturing and clean technology over the next few years.

Lightship eRV - RV that is towable with an electric vehicle - in camping mode with a beautiful sunrise

This is just the beginning of what’s to come from Lightship. In addition to delivering an all-electric RV like none other, we’ll be exploring ways we can enhance the entire ecosystem of camping so we can radically transform the overall experience. We’re on a journey to invite more people into the pastime of RVing because we believe that the more people connect with nature and each other, the more they will want to preserve the outdoors for generations to come. 

At Lightship, we are building an RV for the electric age, and we need a team to help create the innovative, long-lasting product that we have promised our customers. We’re excited to grow our production team of engineers, technicians, and more to deliver our all-electric, aerodynamic travel trailer to enhance the outdoor travel experience. 

If this experience sounds like one you’d like to be a part of, check out our open roles here.

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